Confined Space Training: What you need to know

The health and safety of your workers should be a number one priority. Confined space training equips those working in confined spaces with an understanding of how to identify the potential hazards in their line of work as well as how to minimise and manage these potential hazards. Defining confined spaces Western Australia’s Occupational Safety […]


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First Aid: What to do after a fall working at heights

Working at heights is by nature a dangerous occupation. A slip, unsteady footing or a momentary loss of balance can be all it takes for an accident to occur. Thanks to personal protective equipment the risk is minimised, but it is far from erased. We highly recommend that every workplace where employees are working at […]


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Occupational Health & Safety Training Specialists Perth

We’re an Australian owned business offering services and solutions for people working in high risk hazardous environments. We provide education and training that allows personnel to work safely in their areas of employment – including our working at heights training and our confined space training courses.


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Haz-Ed Services

Haz-Ed Services is an experienced OH&S training and consultancy provider. With services from first aid to gas detection you can trust us to keep your workplace safe.

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Full Spectrum Consultancy

We offer a full spectrum consultancy service. Our team is with you from the initial consultation right the way through the design and installation of equipment stage as well as covering any certification and re-certification needs. Learn more about our consultancy.

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Working at heights frequently asked questions

1. What training topics and information will be included in a working at heights training program? 2. What safety precautions should be taken when using an Elevating Work Platform (EWP)? 3. What are the requirements for the inspection of fall injury prevention systems? 4. What are the requirements for edge protection? 5. What are the […]


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5 Safety tips for working at heights

1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) The law in Western Australia requires all people working at heights to have the appropriate personal protective equipment. This doesn’t just mean having a harness or lanyard, it is about having the right equipment for the right height. When you successfully get your Working at Heights Certification you are taught […]


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Fall prevention equipment

For the best level of protection at your workplace you need both the right procedures and the best fall prevention equipment. At Haz-ed we recognise that every workplace is different, which is why it’s best to tailor the fall prevent equipment to the individual business and the application or the environment it will be used […]


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Fall prevention devices

At Haz-ed we firmly believe the best way to avoid accidents in the workplace is to prevent them from happening in the first place. No matter what type of business you run, there is an appropriate safety system for your workplace. We can help you navigate the options and apply the appropriate fitting safety system […]


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Identifying Fall Hazards and Risk Assessment

At Haz-ed we’re committed to the safety of our clients. We want to help our clients in their duty to ensure their employees are not exposed to hazards at the workplace. At Haz-ed we recommend implementing a risk management process that will identify hazards and assess and control risks. Below are steps we consider when […]


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