Working at heights frequently asked questions

1. What training topics and information will be included in a working at heights training program? 2. What safety precautions should be taken when using an Elevating Work Platform (EWP)? 3. What are the requirements for the inspection of fall injury prevention systems? 4. What are the requirements for edge protection? 5. What are the […]


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5 Safety tips for working at heights

1. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) The law in Western Australia requires all people working at heights to have the appropriate personal protective equipment. This doesn’t just mean having a harness or lanyard, it is about having the right equipment for the right height. When you successfully get your Working at Heights Certification you are taught […]


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Fall prevention equipment

For the best level of protection at your workplace you need both the right procedures and the best fall prevention equipment. At Haz-ed we recognise that every workplace is different, which is why it’s best to tailor the fall prevent equipment to the individual business and the application or the environment it will be used […]


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Fall prevention devices

At Haz-ed we firmly believe the best way to avoid accidents in the workplace is to prevent them from happening in the first place. No matter what type of business you run, there is an appropriate safety system for your workplace. We can help you navigate the options and apply the appropriate fitting safety system […]


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Identifying Fall Hazards and Risk Assessment

At Haz-ed we’re committed to the safety of our clients. We want to help our clients in their duty to ensure their employees are not exposed to hazards at the workplace. At Haz-ed we recommend implementing a risk management process that will identify hazards and assess and control risks. Below are steps we consider when […]


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Reference Information For Working At Heights

This information is a reference guide to sources of information relating to work at heights, mostly from SAI Global Limited ( This document is not intended to be exhaustive and readers should be aware that as time passes, there may be material published which does not appear in this guidance note and any internet links […]


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Full Body Harness Connection Points – What They Mean

Full body harness equipment is primarily used in unsafe areas, where there is a potential risk of bodily harm or fatalities resulting from falling. There are many variations of this type of safety equipment, which are designed to keep workers safe when they are in such areas. Construction workers, power company linemen and oil rig […]


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5 Essential Items For All Workplace First Aid Kits

Having a first aid kit on hand is always important, it’s certainly one of those clichés where you may never know how important it is until you need it. While a well developed and integrated workplace health and safety program will mitigate many injury’s, some things simply can’t be prevented. From a paper pushing paper […]


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STOP and Calmly Deal With A Workplace Emergency

Stop, Think, Organise and Prepare & Protect A workplace emergency can happen at any time; this is an unavoidable fact of life. The fact is that there is nothing that can really be done to prevent some accidents. Sure, you can take the proper precautions to limit these types of situations and even if you […]


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Working Safely In Confined Spaces – Awareness & Training Advice

It goes without saying that working in confined spaces presents new hazards and exposes you to many different risks. A unique set of safety skills and knowledge is essential, supported by well maintained and suitable equipmentt. This is the reason we supply safety equipment alongside accredited training courses – we believe that linking the two […]


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