Proprietary Engineered Systems – Design, Install and Re-certification

Working at an elevated position involves increased risk of injury and accident. Height safety equipment such as; anchor points, static lines, walkways, guard rails and ladder systems; are essential in maintaining a safe workspace and preventing accidents. Haz-Ed Services are able to install a range of proprietary engineered systems, as well as certify and re-certify them – Our process is simple:

1. Consultation

The Haz-Ed team are able to meet with you and discuss your business or projects specific needs. From here, we are able to tailor a specific solutions to your needs. Our health and safety consultancy service is applicable for all industries.

2. Design and installation

After our initial consultation we are able to design and install a range of height safety solution equipment. The following items are some examples of equipment we can tailor into your solution.

Anchor Point

We provide a range of anchor point systems to accommodate your project, construction or development needs. The range of anchor point system provided by Haz-Ed is designed from various materials for various uses, making our products suitable for different kinds of surfaces.

Static Line

Haz-Ed Services supply static line systems with advanced energy absorbing properties to accommodate up to 4 users. Our range of products are designed to comply with different design and surface materials; concrete, purlin and timber.

Walkway and Guardrail

Haz-Ed Services provide a range of guardrails and walkways that are versatile and designed with adjustable fittings and components. Choose from a range of guardrail and walkway systems with different materials, size, and installation that best accommodate your project.

Ladder System

Haz-Ed Services supply modular ladder systems with varied heights, designed for multiple purposes. These products provide you with easy access to rooftops, suspended ceilings and difficult to reach surfaces.

3. Certification and Re-Certification

Haz-Ed offer certification and re-certification services for all height safety equipment. Contact us today about how our height safety solutions can impact your business!

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