Fall Arrest Lanyards

A fall arrest lanyard is essential in reducing an individual’s risk of serious injury due to falling from an elevated position. Whilst on the job, the lanyard must be attached to the D-ring located in the centre of the back of the body harness. It is crucial to ensure that a fall arrest lanyard connects the body harness to an anchorage point at all times.

If fall occurs, the attached lanyard will hold the individual from free falling. To ensure utmost safety, the maximum free fall allowable is 2 metres. Haz-Ed Services supply a wide-array of lanyards with different materials designed for different purposes, such as polyester, flame retardant, stretchable, and adjustable rope lanyards.

Most lanyards are designed with an energy absorber pack, which makes it more comfortable to use. Most lanyards have a length from 1.2m to 2m. The stretchable lanyard, in particular, contracts from 2m to 1.4m. This feature reduces the probability to trip, snag or drag. However, the adjustable rope lanyard ranges from 2m to 5m in length.

Haz-ed also provide equipment for heights safety systems and retractable lanyards.

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