Body Harnesses – Rescue & Rope Access

Haz-Ed Services have a wide-array of body harness supplies designed for different areas of work, such as; mining, oil, telecommunications, high voltage live lines, roof construction, rigging, confined spaces and emergency/rescue. Choosing the right body harness is essential in increasing productivity whilst maintaining safety. Particularly when working at an elevated position.

The cross-body harness is specifically designed for individuals working in rescue and rope access areas compared to other body harnesses focusing on fall arrest & confined spaces. This type of body harness is equipped with a D-ring located in the centre of the front of the body harness. It is specifically designed for use in confined spaces with several attachment points in the front, rear and side of the body harness; confined space retrieval attachment, offset pole strap attachment and rear free fall arrest attachment.

Haz-ed also provide Body Harnesses for Fall Arrest & Confined Space.


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