Heights Safety System Equipment – Anchors, Guardrails, walkways & ladder systems

Working at an elevated position involves increased risk of injury and accident. Height safety equipment such as; anchor points, static lines, walkways, guard rails and ladder systems; are essential in maintaining a safe workspace and preventing accidents. We provide a range of anchor point systems to accommodate your project, construction or development needs. The range of anchor point system provided by Haz-Ed is designed from various materials for various uses, making our products suitable for different kinds of surfaces.

Haz-Ed Services supply static line systems with advanced energy absorbing properties to accommodate up to 4 users. Our range of products are designed to comply with different design and surface materials; concrete, purlin and timber. Haz-Ed Services provide a range of guardrails and walkways that are versatile and designed with adjustable fittings and components. Choose from a range of guardrail and walkway systems with different materials, size, and installation that best accommodate your project.

Haz-Ed Services supply modular ladder systems with varied heights, designed for multiple purposes. These products provide you with easy access to rooftops, suspended ceilings and difficult to reach surfaces.

Haz-ed also support overall systems by supplying fall arrest & confined space harnesses, fall arrest lanyards, retractable lanyards and attachment hardware.


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