Retractable Lanyards

Similar to standard lanyards, retractable lanyards are designed to minimise the risk of serious injury when falls occur and are equipped with an energy absorber pack. Whilst on the job, the lanyard must be attached to the D-ring located in the centre of the back of the body harness. It is crucial to ensure that a fall arrest lanyard connects the individual to an anchorage point at all times.

One of the distinct features of retractable lanyards is their compact look. Our retractable lanyards are designed to be virtually unnoticeable – it has no excess lifeline. This eliminates the possibility of trips caused by the lanyard’s line. Additionally, due to its quick-activating arrestor feature this type of lanyard has the ability to stop a fall within centimetres, making it ideal for use at a lower height.

Haz-Ed Services supplies a wide range of retractable lanyards with single or twin leg configurations and harness to lifeline connectors.

Haz-Ed also supply Fall Arrest Lanyards.

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