Breathing Apparatus Training┬áHaz-Ed’s – Breathing Apparatus (BA) training course is designed to assist employers and employees in understanding the characteristics, hazards and legislative requirements needed to safely operate respiratory protection.
An understanding of the operation and maintenance of BA will be achieved through a combination of theory, practical demonstration and simulation. Students will learn about the different types of respiratory protection, their application and be able to select the appropriate protection for different tasks.
Practical demonstrations will ensure participants can correctly don BA equipment, work while using BA as well as calculate and monitor air consumption, remaining air and time required to return to a safe perimeter of the workplace.
Participants will be confident to correctly shut off and remove the BA and apply the appropriate cleaning, maintenance and checks to the equipment.
Participants will demonstrate their competence through a series of practical activities including, ECO, guideline and search procedures.
Courses can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your workplace.

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