Delivered by industry experts, Haz-Ed’s CPP20511 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing is provided for fire protection technicians who are responsible for non-trade installation and regular servicing of fire protection equipment and systems.
Fire protection technicians may specialise in activities relating to certain groups of equipment or systems, such as:

  • inspect and test fire protection equipment in the field
  • maintain, test and refill extinguishers and/or fire blankets in the workplace
  • inspect, test and maintain pre-engineered fire-suppression systems
  • inspect and test water-based fire-suppression systems
  • inspect, test and maintain gaseous fire-suppression systems
  • inspect, test and maintain passive fire and smoke containment products and systems
  • inspect and test fire detection and warning systems
  • recover, reclaim, fill and store scheduled gaseous fire-extinguishing agents.

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