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Participation in Training Activities and Practical Exercises

Some training activities and practical exercises conducted by Haz-Ed Services are potentially hazardous. You should ensure that you understand the risks relating to, or arising from, your participation in such activities or practical exercises.

You may choose not to participate in a given activity. However, you must understand that in making such a decision you may fail to satisfy necessary competency assessments for certification.


In the event that you are injured (no matter how slight) during a practical exercise, the Senior Instructor may remove you from further training until appropriate medical assistance (and clearance if required) is obtained.

Medical Statement

I acknowledge that the course in which I am attending involves practical exercises that will place physical and psychological stress above and beyond that in which I am normally exposed to. I do not suffer from any condition, physical or mental which may adversely affect me during this course. I further acknowledge that by admitting me to this course, Haz-Ed Services, after taking all due care to conduct the course in a safe and professional manner, take no responsibility as to my health or mental status and relies on my statement above.

Enrolling student

The Australian Skills and Qualifications Authority is entitled to collect the information on this form for use by the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training. This information is collected for the purpose of auditing participation and the monitoring and reporting of training outcomes. The information you provide may be accessed by officers of these two departments and by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) for the above purposes.

By accepting this form, I certify that the information provided is true and correct. I further certify that I have been provided sufficient information about my rights and obligations to make an informed decision about enrolment and I agree to the services being provided.

I consent to Haz-Ed Services providing my employer with training results from the above mentioned course.

I consent to being photographed by Haz-Ed Services for training & advertising purposes.

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